Methods of production of Bioplastics

Microorganisms provide a source of bioplastics from renewable sources. These are polyesters that are widely distributed in nature and accumulate intracellular in microorganisms in the form of storage granules, with physico-chemical properties resembling petrochemical plastics. Production of bio-plastics from microalgae and many plant sources is been done these days. Algae produce a variety of base materials that can be used for bio-plastics production. Most important are carbohydrates and hydrocarbons. The algae Botryococcus Botryococcus braunii has the capacity to produce and excrete these materials into the medium. Annual market data update, which tell us that capacity will increase from around 1.6 million tones in 2013 to approximately 6.7 million tones in 2018.

  • Micro-organisms
  • From Plants
  • Biosynthesis,Biopol
  • Futerro Bioplastic Production
  • Direct Fermentation Process
  • Bacterial Polyesters Production
  • Processing Bioplastics Molding

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